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  • Visualize the pilot pool relative to your minimums
  • Recruit pilots earlier in the qualification process
  • Improve workflow with lists, alerts, and more tools
  • 306 with 1500+ hrs

  • 224 with 1000-1500 hrs

  • 301 with 500-1000 hrs

  • 254 with 200-500 hrs

  • 47 with 100-200 hrs

  • 163 with < 100 hrs

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why should you list your profile on pilotpool.com?

Get in front of airline recruiters by keeping your profile updated on PilotPool.com. Airline recruiters can see your profile like an online job fair, and invite you to begin the application process. Pilot recruitment begins earlier on PilotPool.com where airlines can see your progress from Private Pilot training through Commercial Pilot certification and meeting minimums. Find out how your profile ranks against other pilots’ profiles and see projections of when you’ll qualify at which airlines. As an ATP student or instructor, PilotPool.com couldn’t be easier — we integrate with ATP training and flight records to keep your profile up-to-date.


why should you recruit on pilotpool.com?

Visualize the pilot training pipeline as you access pilot profiles across all certification levels. Integration with ATP training and flight records means you get real-time access to the best pool of pilots. Our proprietary tracking of flight times allows you to see accurate projections of when pilots will meet minimums and be available to fill your new-hire classes. PilotPool.com is a lean and efficient pilot recruitment tool that compliments your application process.